Wickets mural to disclose in Southampton for followers to win CWC Tickets

Fans in Southampton could win tickets to the England v West Indies contest at the CWC 2019, as the ‘Wickets’ clash hits the streets of England and Wales. Sports fanatics can book Cricket World Cup tickets online to enjoy stunning performances.

Wickets mural to disclose in Southampton for followers to win CWC Tickets
Wickets mural to disclose in Southampton for followers to win CWC Tickets

Opening off today in Southampton, every one of the ten Host Cities will be set up a bespoke mural including a set of cricket wickets in an iconic position. The murals will display what makes their individual cities unique and will accord with the arrival of the CWC 2019Trophy Tour, driven by Nissan.

The fresco in Southampton is next to the Bargate Memorial, and cricket lovers have the chance to win two tickets to England v West Indies by posting an image of the fresco along with the hash tag #CWC19Southampton. A winning ticket will be chosen by the CWC19 team and rewarded with the tickets.

Talking at the mural unveiling in Southampton, England former bowler Phil Tufnell, said that: “The frescoes will create a lot of tinkle in each of the CWC host Cities and offer a great method to raise alertness with new and prevailing fans that the event is happening.

“This a fantastic chance to gather energy and enjoyment around the contest and for followers to win tickets to one of the major contests at the CWC. I’m sure all followers in Southampton would love to see England go up against Chris Gayle and the West Indies! If the current series is anything to go by, I’m sure that contest will be a cracker.”

England Former pacer Chris Tremlett was also in presence and added: “The hype and excitement is really starting to ramp up now. Beginnings such as the mural placements will only raise interest locally as fans countdown the days to the start of the competition.

“This summer will be one to savor for cricket followers around the world and Southampton City have a big role to play as a Host City of the CWC. Tickets are rapid off the defers and by sharing the picture of this mural on social media two fans could fulfill a lifetime fantasy and attend a CWC match featuring the host nation England.”

The UK component to the ‘Wickets’ promotion follows the World wide Wickets promotion last week, which has seen followers from around the world share images and videos of where and how they play cricket around the world.

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