Why Israel Folau could be paid for not playing Rugby World Cup 2019

As Folau waits for his hearing on the code of conduct with Rugby Australia this weekend, Israel Folau could still be paid not to play in Rugby World Cup.

Israel Folau is known for his speed, size and strategic movements in rugby. Fans had great expectations from Folau because he performed well in 2015 RWC. Now fans are booking online tickets for Rugby World Cup.

Why Israel Folau could be paid for not playing Rugby World Cup 2019
Why Israel Folau could be paid for not playing Rugby World Cup 2019

This is the theory of former Wallaby Administrator and Sports Administrator Pat Howard, who thinks Folau still has a chance to save his $ 4 million contracts.

Folau should face his employers in order to convince them not to terminate his contract. After posting on social networks that homosexuals, among other groups, were destined for hell, unless they repent.

However, Howard, who played 20 times for Australia between 1993 and 1997 and was High-Performance Director for Cricket Australia last year, said the Folau dismissal case was obscure. As it is possible to be paid without being selected.

He said, “I can’t see him playing for Australia again. However, you can still get paid but not selected.”

I’m sure they do not expect him to be involved, but I’m looking at it differently. It’s the job aspect. Unfortunately, it will be long, you can still be paid but not selected. Selection and employment are two different things.

You should not be able to fire people for religious reasons, we all have it. But you can’t just say things that hurt everyone. These two things absolutely contradict each other.

It’s a real challenge. But a lot of players said that the situation was not rectifiable, so I think that was done. I never like to write to anyone, for nothing. There must be repercussions and then where it ends, so be it.

The saga surrounding Folau has led Wallabies coach Michael Cheika to eliminate any possibility that the veteran of the 73 tests will be covered by this year’s World Cup team.

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