Warburton rubs up Australians for RWC – He said ‘Wales are truly the best team’

Sam Warburton believes that Wales is a better team than Australia before the crucial World Cup meeting in Tokyo on 29 September. Rugby fans are waiting for thrilling performances in RWC. Now you can book online tickets for Rugby World Cup to support your favourite players.

The Welsh had recently suffered a terrible defeat against the Wallabies, losing 13 consecutive games since their victory in Cardiff in November 2008.

However, this rotten race finally ended last November, with Wales winning 9 to 6 at Cardiff, and Warburton says the psychological advance will be massive as they approach their next meeting in Japan.

Warburton rubs up Australians for RWC - He said ‘Wales are truly the best team’
Warburton rubs up Australians for RWC – He said ‘Wales are truly the best team’

“Wales have done well in the last 10 years against Australia,” said the former skipper who retired last year.

They beat them recently in the November 2018 series, which is great from a psychological point of view. Because you do not want to hold a news conference as a player and are asked questions that you have not won since 2008.

In Wales, Australia has been invaded in the last 10 years. But when you watch videos, it’s one or two examples that might have left an attempt or not grasped a three-point opportunity.

“The two teams have been so close in recent years – but Wales are really the best team at that time,” said the Land Rover ambassador, who announced his career at the age of 29.

There are four warm-up matches to go, a double-header against England and Ireland, at home and away. So there will be at least two or three of those games where the two unions will form their best teams.

If you can win in these games, then it will be a big step forward, but you can lose the momentum you’ve got with say three out of four defeats and that completely turns your head upside down. Let’s hope that Wales can win some good wins during this warm-up period, which will really put them in shape for the group stage.

The disappointing regional season for Welsh teams ends on Saturday with the Ospreys welcoming Scarlets in qualifying for the Champions Cup. Despite this important game, Gatland had already named his World Cup training group and Warburton is quick to name some of the personalities who will play a central role in Wales’ mission to Japan.

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