Waratahs’ Show Intelligence For Wallabies In RWC 2019

Not long ago, Australian rugby teams were considered the smartest in the world. The Wallabies won the 1999 Rugby World Cup and the Brumbies their Super Rugby titles in 2001 and 2004 for their brain qualities. However, Australia has not been considered the smartest rugby nation for quite some time. In this year, for live action, you can buy Rugby World Cup Tickets.

However, In a rare tactical victory for an Australian team against a New Zealand squad, the Waratah’s clever punching game, paired with its so-called ‘Blue Wall’ defense.

Waratahs show intelligence for Rugby World Cup Wallabies Tickets
Waratahs show intelligence for Rugby World Cup Wallabies

It was a brave tactic on the part of the Waratah. The Crusaders are the best counter-attack team in the competition. A few years ago, the Waratahs resorted to a basic game against them in wet weather in Christchurch and were badly burned in the counterattack.

Daryl Gibson entrusted Foley with the execution of the strategy, who was striving to find his best form. However, the coach noted a weakness in the Crusader’s armor vulnerability, George Bridge, in very wet conditions.

The Waratah strategy would have taken the Crusaders by surprise because men in the blue sky are not famous for their tactical tactics. However, the defending champions had the opportunity to adapt in the second half and did not. Sometimes the dividing line between self-confidence and arrogance is tenuous. Anyway, the Crusaders did not respond tactically and it cost them dearly.

Folau has since called the Waratahs to hit him more often. This is clearly an effective tactic, but if they criticized it all the time, they might become normative and it would be easier to deny. Australian teams have been far too normative in recent years, and there is no better example than the Brumbies in their 36-14 loss to the Queensland Reds in hot, wet conditions in Brisbane.

After flirting with rugby at the start of the season, the Brumbies returned to typing based on their strong tricks and roll. They have been very successful with this approach, but once a team becomes predictable, it also becomes potentially vulnerable.

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