Uganda to All Blacks – Problem Of Second Tier Rugby World Cup Countries

Each World Cup offers lower-level countries an opportunity to experience and prove their value on an international platform against rugby. Which they would never normally have the opportunity to play.

Any game played against the All Blacks or England will be the peak or success of the career of those who operate in international trade for teams such as Namibia or Uruguay. Sports fanatics from all over the world can now grab Rugby World Cup Tickets online to enjoy most exciting rugby matches.

Uganda to All Blacks - Problem Of The Two-tier Rugby World Cup Countries
Uganda to All Blacks – Problem Of The Two-tier Rugby World Cup Countries

For these test teams, the privilege of playing some of the best world players on the biggest stage of all is unprecedented. Most players will be striving for since they picked up a rugby ball.

Of course, these two nations are almost always on the wrong side of the scoreboard at the end of these matches.

Namibia has conceded 792 points against 12 nations in twelve World Cup matches, far exceeding the 104 points accumulated in those matches. While Uruguay has a dismal point difference of 395 against similar opponents in their three World Cup campaigns.

However, not all level 2 teams are facing the same fate as those in Namibia, Uruguay, and possibly Russia, who are also competing in this year’s World Cup in Japan.

Fiji, Japan, and Georgia have all advocated for inclusion in the proposed World Rugby Nations Championship, which includes the 10 nations in the first category.

Their desire to compete each year against the best teams in the world stems not only from the exceptional training and intensive development of rugby over the past two or three decades. But also from their constant exposure to superior quality. Opponents, as well as the occasional meeting against a leading team.

The competitiveness of these countries has been proven recently. Fiji beat Wales to advance to the 2007 World Cup quarter-finals. They pushed South Africa to the brink of a monumental disaster, beat France in Paris for the first time last year and have won two scalps against Italy in the last 5 years.

While Namibia, Uruguay and Russia are likely to break through to the land of the rising sun, clear planning adjustments will have to be made by the start of the next World Cup in France in four years.

For now, however, we can only hope for the best of Bears, Welwitschias and Los Teros in Japan later this year.

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