UEFA president “ashamed” of Racist Incidents in European Football

LONDON – UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin says he feels “ashamed” of the many racist cases of abuse in European football during his opening speech at the new anti-discrimination conference of the governing body.  On the other hand, Fans won’t stop getting their Champions League Tickets so that they won’t miss the fun and drama.

UEFA president "ashamed" of Racist Incidents in European Football
UEFA president “ashamed” of Racist Incidents in European Football

Last week, Ceferin called a “catastrophe” the racist violence inflicted on English players during their Euro 2020 qualification against Montenegro in Podgorica. UEFA confirmed Monday that Dinamo Zagreb will play its next European match in camera due to the racist behaviour of its fans.

Speaking at the start of UEFA’s conference in Wembley on Tuesday, Ceferin was quick to condemn football’s lingering problems of racism and wider discrimination.

“Today, I am ashamed,” he began. “I’m ashamed to be here with you, I’m just a shame that today, in 2019, we need to hold a conference that encourages diversity.

“We are in 2019. How can this happen? I am ashamed that in Europe there is no weekend without discrimination in a football stadium, amateur or professional.

“I am ashamed to see extremist movements using our sport to convey their messages of hatred and intolerance: a stadium must not and must never be a forum where people are allowed to express their disgusting fascist nostalgia.” I am ashamed to see isolated people uttering racist and homophobic insults without realizing the devastating effect and symbolic meaning of their words.

“I am ashamed to see bananas thrown on the ground, to hear monkey sounds in the stands or to see a photo of Anne Frank photographed by so-called supporters. They are not only ashamed of football, but of the human race.

“I’m ashamed to see the public authorities in some countries simply do not react, it’s disturbing to see some leaders downplaying these incidents when they happen in their own countries, and they seem to think that a stadium is an appropriate place. where people can express their feelings and express their misfortune and misunderstanding of the world around them. ”

Following Ceferin2’s speech, FA President Greg Clarke asked the governing body of European football to lower the threshold from which incidents of racist abuse would be dealt with on and off the field.

“UEFA’s protocol asks the referee to stop the match if” the racist behaviour is of strong intensity and intensity, “said Clarke.” I do not think that that is enough and we should take this opportunity to revisit these thresholds.

“The young men and women who represent our clubs and countries on the ground deserve, but should also have the right to play their football in a safe environment free from racial abuse.

“There should be no judgment on whether something is of a great magnitude Racism is racism.”

“I’m also worried that the player will be forced to report the incidents themselves,” he added. “We all know what racism looks like.

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