Title of Liverpool driven by pain in Champions League, says Klopp

Liverpool is pushed to the pursuit of the Premier League title by the pain of last season’s Champions League final and not by a misstep against Chelsea five years ago, said Jurgen Klopp.

Title of Liverpool driven by pain in Champions League, says Klopp
Title of Liverpool driven by pain in Champions League says, Klopp

The Liverpool coach has dismissed comparisons between Sunday’s crucial Anfield encounter and Chelsea’s visit to a similar stage of the season 2013-14 when a 2-0 defeat derailed the team’s ambitions. Brendan Rodgers. Klopp admits his determination to make amends is a factor in Liverpool’s challenge this season but cites the loss to Real Madrid last May as a source, not a different team under another coach falling into Jose Mourinho’s trap.

“It’s not important to talk about what happened. It’s been too long, “said the Liverpool official.”We have enough reason to be positive about ourselves. For this season, the situation was already different when we came back because of the negative things we experienced in the last game of last season. The boys have played really well so far and that’s why we are still fighting for the championship. It has nothing to do with the other games and I really hope that people will not come to the stadium and not feel like that because we need it (the atmosphere) like in the Tottenham match.

Klopp expects Sadio Mane to be in good form despite Senegal’s international thumb injury in training this week and he thinks the intensity of Liverpool’s recent performance is evidence of the team’s growing maturity.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson is one of the few survivors of the 2013-2014 title, although he was suspended for Chelsea’s loss. He thinks the biggest difference with the Klopp team is the defensive solidity of their pursuit.

The midfielder explained: “We still had that conviction when we played the title a few years ago. I think the biggest difference is the white sheets and the defensive back. This season, we conceded a lot of goals even though we won games. It might have been 5-3 or 5-2, or something like that. We were not as strong as we would have liked to be. Chelsea was a tough match and hard to watch. ”

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