This will be the changes to the law for the Champions League

UEFA, the governing body of European football, announced today that it is refining and adjusting the rules for the UEFA Champions League, Europa League and Champions Cup, which will come into effect from the 2018-2019 competition.

The rule changes were adopted after a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee in February and will be in effect for the next three-year cycle. After that, the committee will re-evaluate and make changes as necessary. These are in addition to the previously announced changes, which included qualifying adjustments (which allowed for example the top four teams from Spain, England, Germany and Italy to automatically qualify for the group stage. of the Champions League).

The IFAB has published on its website the rule changes that will come into effect on June 1 and could come into effect from the Champions League final on June 1 at Wanda Metropolitano.

This will be the changes to the law for the Champions League
This will be the changes to the law for the Champions League

There are four clubs that will fight for a place in the much-desired final and the two that meet could have different laws that the IFAB will introduce from June 1st.

One of them is about free kicks. In the wall, any player of the attacking team must be at least one meter away from him.

This measure was put in place to prevent sporting situations that could create tension in the playing field. On the other hand, accidental handballs that end up being a goal or helping to score a goal will be illegal.

“Football does not accept goals scored with a hand,” the IFAB says.

In addition, the team that wins the draw may choose which half to attack. Now they can choose whether to start or not. The referees must keep an eye on the kits of both teams to avoid any kind of conflict.

As for the penalties, the goalkeepers will only have one foot on the line and they will not be allowed to touch the posts.

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