Spain Set Rugby World Cup in their Sights

The Spanish are eyeing a spot at RWC 2023 however, calling for a lot of funding. Spain has put the argument nearby last year’s bid to qualify for the Rugby World Cup 2019. They are now focusing their attention on the 2023 tournament in France. Fans have bought their Rugby World Cup Tickets and hoping for their favorite players to perform well in the tournament.

Spain Set Rugby World Cup in their Sights Tickets
Spain Set Rugby World Cup in their Sights

Had Spain crushed Belgium they were set to qualify for Japan 2019 however they defeat that game by 18-10 and the unpleasant movement that followed, with players opposing the referee, and a later inquiry into eligibility resulted in bans and points deductions.

They make big changes in the squad which took part in this year’s Rugby Europe Championship as the coach looks to a younger generation to push the country forward.

Santiago Santos is coach of Spain Rugby team and he said, “It’s year one of the transition and an opportunity to have new guys in the squad. It’s nearly a new squad with a lot of replacements. Maybe we kept 5 or 6 players from last year as we focus on 2023.”

Santos said, “Some older players retired and others that are young enough for the next cycle we have left at their clubs to keep their clubs happy.” we play within the rules with players who qualify for Spain. New Zealand, Scotland and few more Rugby teams all have players from around the world.

“We also have some English players whose parents came to live in Spain and they have been living in Spain since their childhood too. They develop their rugby in Spain and even though their blood is English they have lived their whole life in Spain.”

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