Promotions are part of the Explosive Projects of The Champions League

The European Club Association has developed potentially explosive plans to reorganize the Champions League to include more matches, as well as some forms of promotion and relegation when the agreed format and schedule of football will end in 2024.

Promotion and Relegation are part of the Explosive Projects of The Champions League
Promotion and Relegation are part of the Explosive Projects of The Champions League

Andrea Agnelli, President of the ECA and Juventus, presented the principles that inspired the incentive of the big clubs to reorganize European football in a letter inviting the 232 clubs of the ECA to discuss it at a special general assembly in Malta on June 6th and 7th.

Describing these proposals as “fundamental to the future of European football”, Agnelli has drawn up a list of more European football to be played by clubs, a “pyramid” structure across Europe and more “Mobility and dynamism to the system through a carefully applied promotion and relegation “.

The proposals state that participation will be based on “sports meritocracy” and not on “historical privilege” – a response to reports that leading clubs such as Juventus are seeking permanent membership in an elite competition of the Champions League.

ECA representatives at ECA declined to elaborate further and stated that the full proposals had not yet been developed. In an interview with the Guardian, Agnelli first presented his ideas on the enlargement of the Champions League last year, suggesting that the best clubs could play more prestigious and lucrative European matches simply by passing the of groups of the competition of eight groups of four to four. eight. He admitted that he foresaw an impact on the national leagues, saying they should reduce their size and that the best clubs could be lined up on junior teams.

These first initiatives to develop such changes in the sports and financial landscape of European football, which started on 19 March with a brainstorming meeting of ECA and UEFA, have become politically cumbersome. Representatives of the national leagues criticized the ideas reported at the meeting – including playing Champions League games on the weekend, which Agnelli denied being a proposal – as a threat to long-established structures.

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