Pochettino will discuss future of Tottenham after Champions League final

Mauricio Pochettino will postpone talks with his president, Daniel Levy, on his future as Tottenham manager after the Champions League final next month.

The Spurs booked their place in the centerpiece of June 1 with an incredible win against Ajax in midweek, after recovering from three goals at half-time to score 3-3 on their goals.

Pochettino will discuss the future of Tottenham after the Champions League final
Pochettino will discuss the future of Tottenham after the Champions League final

Pochettino, who had previously worked for Manchester United and Real Madrid, hinted before the match in Amsterdam that he would consider leaving the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium if his players performed a “miracle” and won the famous trophy. Get the tickets for the Champions League Final so that you won’t miss the fun.

And having kept alive Tottenham’s hope of winning his first European trophy since the 1983/84 UEFA Cup, He could not get into another season in North London before meeting face to face to deal with Levy.

“After five years, I repeat, after five years, it’s a moment to close a chapter,” he said at the press conference on Friday. “It will not be the same on the 1st, 6th or 7th of July when we start the pre-season, it is so important to have a clear idea of ​​the project, the challenge we will have before us.

“It was very clear five years ago that the priority would always be for the stadium to be finished and the facilities to be finished here on the training ground, we are very proud of our ability to handle the situation – it’s very difficult, how it affects the football side in different clubs is amazing.

“Having this ability to handle both and after five years of success, because for the first time in our history, Tottenham will play in a Champions League final and finish the best stadium in the world. It is a huge success. That’s why we feel so proud of these five years, but what’s next? What’s next? That’s the question.

“What’s next and how we explain and what you translate to our fans, what we want for the future of our club. Of course, you know it’s hard for me to explain, I have to listen to Daniel, he’s the boss, the owner, I need to know what I’m explaining to you and you translate for our fans.”

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