O’Shea appoints 44 players to Italy’s RWC Training Squad

Conor O’Shea has chosen a team of 44 players to train for the World Cup campaign of Italy. Only 10 of them have already been the experience of finals. Rugby World Cup Tickets can be grabbed from our online global event ticket sales market.

O'Shea appoints 44 players to Italy’s RWC Training Squad
O’Shea appoints 44 players to Italy’s RWC Training Squad

Captain Sergio Parisse is in contention for his 5th World Cup tournament while two other veterans, Leonardo Ghiraldini, and Alessandro Zanni, are running after their fourth appearance.

O’Shea’s preliminary team, which will first meet at Pergine Valsugana on June 2nd, is mainly made up of the players who represented the Azzurri in the frequent Nations of Six. A competition where Italy has ended again at the bottom of the table after five defeats.

There are returns for Marco Fuser, Rernato Giammarioli, Marco Lazzaroni, and Giosue Zilocchi, who were marginal players in 2019. Mattia Bellini, Giovanni Licata, Matteo Minozzi, Marcello Violi, and Zani return to the mix after their injury.

Fresh from his historic qualifying for the Guinness PRO14 qualifiers, Benetton accounts for 50% of the training. Kieran Crowley’s team, which will face Munster this Saturday, was rewarded with 22 calls.

There are also three non-qualified players included, Gloucester Callum Braley scrumhalf, Enjiel Makelara hooker, and Marco Riccioni.

O’Shea said The announcement of the summer rallies of this team has made us realize how close we are to the incredible sporting experience that awaits us in September in Japan. This is an excellent opportunity to take another step in our journey to bring Italy back to the top of international rugby.

This group is a mix of youth and veterans, a truly electrifying set. We have already had to make difficult choices and even more, difficult choices will have to be made during the summer.

“Playing a World Cup is the dream of all players. Between June and July, we will hold four meetings in Pergine Valsugana, the first starting from June 2. Working together and alongside the two franchises before starting our summer test matches on August 10 in Dublin against Ireland. “

Callum BRALEY (Uncapped)
Guglielmo PALAZZANI (31 caps)
Tito TEBALDI (32 caps)
Marcello VIOLI (15 caps)

Tommaso ALLAN (48 caps)
Carlo CANNA (32 caps)
Ian MCKINLEY (8 caps)

Luca BIGI (19 caps)
Oliviero FABIANI (7 caps)
Leonardo GHIRALDINI (104 caps)
Engjel MAKELARA (Uncapped)

Dean BUDD (20 caps)
Marco FUSER (33 caps)
Federico RUZZA (12 caps)
David SISI (5 caps)
Alessandro ZANNI (111 caps)

Renato GIAMMARIOLI (3 caps)
Marco LAZZARONI (3 caps)
Giovanni LICATA (7 caps)
Maxime MBANDA’ (16 caps)
Sebastian NEGRI (16 caps)
Sergio PARISSE (138 caps) Captain
Jake POLLEDRI (8 caps)
Abraham STEYN (30 caps)
Jimmy TUIVAITI (3 caps)

Tommaso BENVENUTI (56 caps)
Michele CAMPAGNARO (42 caps)
Tommaso CASTELLO (18 caps)
Luca MORISI (25 caps)
Marco ZANON (1 cap)

Mattia BELLINI (17 caps)
Giulio BISEGNI (11 caps)
Angelo ESPOSITO (20 caps)
Jayden HAYWARD (17 caps)
Matteo MINOZZI (10 caps)
Edoardo PADOVANI (20 caps)

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