“My instinct is that Kane Can be Fit” for the Champions League Final, Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino said Harry Kane would be ready for the Champions League final on 1 June, if Tottenham were to play Ajax in the semi-finals.

"My instinct is that Kane can be fit" for the Champions League final, Pochettino
“My instinct is that Kane can be fit” for the Champions League final, Pochettino

Kane was injured in the ankle ligament for the fifth time in three seasons in the first leg of the quarter-final win against Manchester City on April 9. When the Spurs issued a statement qualifying the injury as “serious,” they feared the scorer’s season would be over. This included his participation with England in the first league final of the League of Nations, which will start on 6 June. So, get your tickets for the champions league final.

Pochettino acknowledges that it will be difficult for Kane to play again this season; The Spurs, who face West Ham at home on Saturday, will finish with another home game against Everton on May 12. But still optimistic, Pochettino wants to believe that Kane could be back for a possible final of the Champions League.

If the Spurs were to beat Ajax – the first leg will be in London on Tuesday – it would certainly reinforce Kane’s desire to return as soon as possible. The duration of his previous four lay-offs with ligamentous lesions on both ankles varied from three to seven weeks.

“My instinct is maybe he can be available for the Champions League final because I know Harry Kane, his determination to work, focus and recover as soon as possible,” said Pochettino. “But I’m not a doctor. This is only my gut.

“I hope he can be available. He’s fine, but I cannot guess today. He may be available before or after – this will depend on his rehabilitation. Now, it is in a very good period that is moving fast but the last moment is always the most difficult: make the decision to play or not. “

The 32-year-old, who has won 26 caps in three years on the national team, was revitalized by the appointment of Brendan Rodgers to Leicester, scoring an average goal in eight Premier League matches. However, although English coaching staff have discussed this improvement, Southgate does not intend to turn to Vardy. The England coach will be at St Mary’s on Saturday to watch Callum Wilson of Bournemouth against Southampton.

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