Matthaus says Liverpool is “personal favourite” of Champions League

Former German international legend Lothar Matthaus has supported Liverpool to win the Champions League this season after eliminating his former club.

Matthaus says Liverpool is "personal favourite" of Champions League
Matthaus says Liverpool is “personal favourite” of Champions League

Matthaus had already advised the Bavarians to warn against the power of our attack in the second leg, but a 3-1 aggregate win at the Allianz Arena in March allowed us to get into the last eight.

Speaking to Goal, the winner of the 1991 FIFA World Player of the Year does not share the belief that German football has lost the momentum of its European competitors. “Other countries have had dry periods and our teams have faced strong opponents in the round of 16,” he said in defence.

The German thinks we can go to the end of the competition. We’ve always thought about that too, but for some, it takes a categorical defeat in their own backyard to convince them that we can do it.

Our victory over Bayern was not only the appeasement of the giants of the Bundesliga, but it is also an affirmation of the relative gap that separates us.

“Bayern has not deserved progress in both games,” he said rightly. “You do not expect so much from Schalke, given his Bundesliga results this season.

“They surpassed their standards last season when they became finalists.

“Dortmund had a good first half against Tottenham in the first leg and the second leg. This is not enough at this level. If you want to progress against a high-level team, you must produce optimal performance in both games in over 90 minutes. ”

With four Premier League teams in the Champions League for the first time in ten years, Bayern still lacks some additions to compete with players like the Reds and other powerful teams from Europe’s top leagues.

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