Maori All Blacks to face Fiji in two-match series before RWC 2019

New Zealand Rugby announced today that the haka Maori All Blacks pride will face the fierce Fijian cibi when both teams play in a round trip series this season.

The two teams will travel to Rotorua New Zealand, where a team will be looking at the big book as the two teams meet again at Rotorua International Stadium on July 20th before the world cup matches. Sports fanatics from all over the world can now grab Rugby World Cup Tickets online to enjoy most exciting rugby matches.

Maori All Blacks to face Fiji in two-match series before RWC 2019
Maori All Blacks to face Fiji in two-match series before RWC 2019

Dr. Farah Palmer, Chairman of the New Zealand Rugby Council, said the two-game series was an excellent opportunity for Maori and Fijian rugby fans to celebrate their identity and their great rugby.

It’s really exciting. We know that the rugby style of Maori All Blacks is very popular around the world and that the team is often a sought-after ambassador.

Fighting the Maor All Blacks against a flying Fijian as part of a mission for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, with passionate fans behind both teams, will be the perfect formula to create an epic encounter.

Here we have two teams that play an exciting and attractive rugby style. The Maori All Blacks have already played classic matches here and we know they have a huge support base in Rotorua.

“They are really taking advantage of this opportunity for Maori and Pasifika rugby celebration to stretch out over a full week of activities.”

John O’Connor managing director of Fijian rugby said I am delighted to say that Fiji Airways’ loyal Fiji had such a great opportunity to play two test matches against the Maori All Blacks on July 13 and 20. This is indeed a welcome boost for flying Fijians as we prepare for the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year.

Fiji rugby is looking forward to hosting the Maori All Black here on July 13 at the ANZ Stadium in Suva. This will be an ideal opportunity for fans to come in numbers and attend not only the Flying Fijians but also the powerful Maori All Blacks.

We are on the right track with our preparations and the visit of the Maori All Blacks will undoubtedly be memorable for the team itself and the fans here.

“We are delighted to welcome both teams and although we know that Fijians are loyal fans and fervent supporters – of their team. The Maori All Blacks are a very special team for us and this is an opportunity unique to watch them play at home” Said, Rogers.

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