Man Utd Beat Rivals Man City and LFC to UEFA Champions League Jackpot

The English clubs are swimming in wealth, especially the big ones, and if their declared earnings in the Champions League have something to look like, they could just as well drown in all that money. Manchester United, meanwhile, should take the largest share.

Man Utd Beat Rivals Man City and LFC to UEFA Champions League Jackpot
Man Utd Beat Rivals Man City and LFC to UEFA Champions League Jackpot

The highly reliable Swiss Ramble has tried to estimate the revenues of the Premier League clubs participating in the high-level competition in Europe. Get your Champions league tickets so that you won’t miss the fun. In a long Twitter thread, the descriptor described the basis of the calculations and the final estimates.

The total amount distributed to clubs during the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League increased by 54% (€ 681m), from € 1.269bn to € 1.950bn. This breakdown is now broken down as follows: participation of € 488 million (25%), the performance of € 585 million (30%), television pool of € 292 million (15%) and classification of the coefficients of € 585 million (30%).

In 2018/19, each of the 32 clubs that entered the group stage of the Champions League received € 15.25 million. In addition, each club receives 2.7 million euros for a win and 900,000 euros for a draw. Clubs should also receive more depending on their progress in the competition. The breakdown is as follows: last 16 € 9.5m, € 10.5m in the quarter-finals, € 12m in the semifinals, € 15m in the final and the winners. € 19 million.

Taking into account the various considerations that determine the income of each participant, the account has made estimates for the four English clubs involved in this season’s competition. Sorted in order of income, they are the following:

    1. Manchester United € 94m (€ 40m)
    2. Manchester City 93 M € (64 M €)
    3. Liverpool € 92 million (€ 81 million),
    4. Tottenham Hotspur 86 M € (61 M €)

Although Liverpool and Tottenham are still in contention, the Manchester clubs have pocketed larger sums. However, the Premier League duo may still earn millions if it continues to progress.

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