Los Pumas nominates a team of 46 players in RWC and it’s not just Jaguares players

Los Pumas head coach Mario Ledesma announced his squad of 46 players in preparation for the rugby championship and rugby world cup in Japan. Sports fanatics from all over the world can now grab Rugby World Cup Tickets online to enjoy most exciting rugby matches.

Pumas are in the same basin as England, France, Tonga, and the United States.

Los Pumas nominates a team of 46 players in RWC and it's not just Jaguares players
Los Pumas nominates a team of 46 players in RWC and it’s not just Jaguares players

The assistant coaches – Nicolás Fernández Miranda and Martín Gaitán – will be accompanied by Juan Fernández Lobbe, also assistant coach, and Gonzalo Longo as a team leader.

It has included both Premiership and Top 14 players, and therefore return to the selection policy based on the Los Puma Super Rugby.

In March, Ledesma said for years players could not evolve for Los Pumas if they were not part of Jaguares. Recently the rule has softened somewhat in that when the need arises, we summon expatriate players to a specific position. We will always favor the franchise guy. But otherwise, we will call on expatriates.


Tetaz Chaparro, Nahuel, Vivas, Mayco, Zeiss, Juan Pablo, Díaz, Javier, García Botta, Santiago


Creevy, Agustín, Montoya, Julián, Socino, Santiago


Figallo, Juan – Saracens, Herrera, Ramiro – Stade Francais, Medrano, Santiago, Pieretto, Enrique, Sordoni, Lucio

Second row

Petti, Guido, Lavanini, Tomás, Alemanno, Matías
17 Paulos, Lucas


Matera, Pablo, Lezana, Tomás, Isa Facundo – Toulon, Ortega Desio, Javier, Kremer, Marcos, Bruni, Rodrigo, Leguizamón, Juan Manuel


Cubelli, Tomás, Bertranou, Gonzalo, Landajo, Martín, Ezcurra, Felipe – Hindú


Sánchez, Nicolás – Stade Francais, Urdapilleta, Benjamín – Castres, Díaz Bonilla, Joaquín, Miotti, Domingo – Tucumán L.t.


González Iglesias, Santiago, De La Fuente, Jerónimo, Orlando, Matías, Moroni, Matías, Mensa, Lucas – Pucará, Mallía, Juan Cruz

Back three

Ezcurra, Bautista, Moyano, Ramiro, Delguy, Bautista, Cancelliere, Sebastián, Boffelli, Emiliano, Tuculet, Joaquín, Montero, Manuel – Pucará, Carreras, Santiago

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