Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League Final: Fans reaction to training video

Liverpool fans reacted with joy to Dejan Lovren’s performances in their first training session before the Champions League final against Tottenham.

The reds were captured on the official video of the club crossing a few slots during their landing in Spain in anticipation of the final of Madrid on June 1.

Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League final: Fan’s reaction
Liverpool vs Tottenham Champions League final: Fan’s reaction

One of the exercises included a rondo-ish segment, which included a group of players in a circle, while two stood in the middle and competed for the ball.

At the beginning of the clip, just after Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has thrown water into his bottle for no real reason, Lovren arrives with a head in the air to try to intercept the ball and misses completely.

If anyone has ever seen images of these strange objects of flying possessions, take the idea of ​​this motion and apply it to this great Croatian – who threw himself at the ball with a passion that is difficult to criticize.

Lovren did not always have an easy life for Liverpool and the World Cup finalist will probably miss a place in the starting team of the Champions League final, a difficult challenge for any professional. The exciting final is not far and everyone is rushing to get their tickets for the Champions League final.

With Joe Gomez and Joel Matip in shape and ready to play, you’ll imagine that Degs will come back once again in the hierarchy. Matip could even be selected on the bench, which would be difficult for the former Cameroon international because he was fit.

It was good to see Oxlade-Chamberlain messing around with Lovren and the others. Liverpool is well placed to advance to the Champions League final as they have almost a full team to call.

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