Lineker supports Liverpool to win the Champions League

LONDON: Liverpool, the first World Cup favourite, won the Champions League title against Tottenham Hotspur in the final in Madrid on 1 June, said Gary Lineker, a former England striker.

Lineker supports Liverpool to win the Champions League
Lineker supports Liverpool to win the Champions League

Lineker, who spent three seasons at the Spurs between 1989 and 1992, highlighted the 26-point gap in the Premier League table between Liverpool and his former team-mate, fourth, as evidence of a huge gap between the two teams.

“Overall, the team against (Liverpool) has the best players,” Lineker told The Times. “They finished the season with a score of points ahead of Tottenham, so it’s hard to make a case where Tottenham is a favourite.

“But, as we know in football, the best teams do not always win, which makes this match so special.”

The 58-year-old also congratulated Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp for creating a team that reflects his image, while stressing that the Spurs must invest to keep pace with Mauricio Pochettino’s ambitions.

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“Klopp is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate man,” Lineker said. “This side of Liverpool reflects his personality – very dynamic, lots of energy. He is clearly very intelligent and he is a brilliant footballer who shows his passion.

“(Pochettino) is … clearly one of the best leaders in world football, but (the Spurs) need investments, he told me himself, he needs support and I guess if he is not supported, he will have trouble keeping it.”

Tottenham has not signed a contract with anyone in the last two transfer windows, as the club was forced to limit spending after moving to a new stadium.

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Pochettino, meanwhile, has hinted that he could leave if the Spurs are not able to compete for the most important titles due to a lack of investment, which would be a blow for the club. He has guided four consecutive times in the top four in the Premier League.

“It’s really a defining moment for Tottenham,” said Lineker. “They have to decide what they are.

“It remains to be seen if they will go ahead and become a club capable of competing in other finals of the Champions League rather than a single match …”

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