Jose Mourinho selects UEFA Champions League semi-finalists

Until 18 December 2019, Jose Mourinho was an active member of the 2018/19 UEFA Champions League.

Jose Mourinho selects UEFA Champions League semi-finalists
Jose Mourinho selects UEFA Champions League semi-finalists

However, the manager of Manchester United was sacked soon after, ending his hopes of winning a third title in the Champions League. This does not prevent him, however, from choosing the teams that have the best chance of doing so.

Jose Mourinho, a former Manchester United boss, and two-time Champions League winner were asked which teams had the best chance of qualifying for the semi-finals in a recent interview.

“Let me protect myself a little; I think every club has a chance … The results show that everyone has a chance. Nobody goes to the second leg thinking “it’s done, I already qualified” or “it’s done, I have no chance,” Mourinho told Russia Today (via Metro).

Although the Portuguese were cautious initially, he selected Juventus and Barcelona as two candidates likely to progress in the competition.

“You know, Barcelona and Juventus have a small advantage. Barcelona wins a zero and now plays at home. Juventus have scored goals and know they play at home. They have a small advantage, “he continued.

“But as I said, I would not be surprised if one or both of them stayed behind.

“But you know, the semi-finals are the semifinals and the winner of Barcelona and Manchester United will play against Liverpool or Porto, so it’s so difficult.

“And then the winner of City-Tottenham, as we said, is an English team that reaches the semifinals and will play against Juventus or Ajax. 12.5 percent chance also of winning the contest. ”

Mourinho himself is used to winning the ultimate prize for European football. The Portuguese coach has been victorious twice – once in Porto and once at Inter Milan – making him one of the most successful coaches in the competition.

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