Jamie Roberts Hope For Wales To Win Rugby World Cup 2019

Jamie Roberts believes the Grand Slam champion (Wales) can improve and win the Rugby World Cup in Japan later this year. Warren Gatland’s team is ranked 2nd in the world after a series of 14 undefeated games that earned him the title of Six Nations 2019. Roberts believes that Wales has not yet reached its full potential. Fans have booked their Rugby World Cup Tickets and hoping for their favorite players to perform well in the tournament.

“I really hope the team will grow up and find another speed in Japan and win the World Cup,” said Roberts.

Jamie Roberts Hope For Wales To Win Rugby World Cup 2019 Tickets
Jamie Roberts Hope For Wales To Win Rugby World Cup 2019

What’s exciting is that you still have a few things to do. They won a Grand Slam and I do not think they played their best rugby at the moment. Wales competes in the Rugby World Cup with confidence and being ranked 2nd in the world is a feat.

It’s just a matter of continuing that momentum and increasing it as well because I do not think we’ve seen the best of Wales attacked in the Six Nations. There is a lot of rugby to play before the World Cup and I hope that Wales will not have too many injuries.

“Wales will play two warm-up games against England and Ireland, which will be test matches in their own right with players looking to impress.”

Jamie Roberts celebrates his victory against Ireland in the 2017 Six Nations. Roberts won the last of his 94 selections in Wales in November 2017 and played five tests with the British and Irish Lions in 2009 and 2013. Thirty-two years old still hopes to be able to return to the national team.

“I was defeated and It was a brilliant achievement from the guys, I was not involved and I would have liked to play,” Roberts told BBC Radio Bristol.

“We know that the Welsh game is based on a strong defense, led by Shaun Edwards and that it was fantastic in the Six Nations.”

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