Jacobson and Frizell present their arguments for selection of the Rugby World Cup

There are only four innings remaining in the regular Super Rugby season. For some players, this only means four more rounds to claim a spot in the All Blacks. Super rugby squad will help to decide the best players for Rugby world cup which will be starting in September. Rugby fans are waiting for thrilling performances in RWC. Now you can book online tickets for Rugby World Cup to support your favourite players.

Vaea Fifita and Shannon Frizell, with nine and four selections respectively, are the two most popular options among all Blackheads operating in Super Rugby this year. Fifita made his debut in New Zealand in 2017 – a year before Frizell – but lost ground to the Highlanders in 2018.

Frizell present their arguments for selection of the Rugby World Cup
Frizell present their arguments for selection of the Rugby World Cup

Luke Jacobson and Tom Robinson were presented as players of the future, but have turned their heads in Super Rugby enough to suggest that they could also be about to be called. Jacobson has certainly made a big difference to the Chiefs since his return from injury and it’s simply a case of disrespect for the great flanker Waikato.

Statistically speaking, Frizell and Jacobson stood out from their competitors. In attack, Frizell was the hardest worker of the tournament so far. With 59 meters earned for every full game played, Frizell crosses more ground than any other option. It’s a courtesy to do more races and line breaks per game.

Frizell is also well ahead of the pack, with an average of four per match. Jacobson, who is closest, breaks half as many attacks.

In recent years, All Blacks coaches have favoured players who are not afraid of doing less glorious work in attack. Jerome Kaino was a good link when needed, but with a number 8 like Read on the field, it was more important that Kaino hit the ball in close contact to make room for his teammates.

Maybe Frizell stands out the most in the attack, so that’s basic work. With more than three caps and a number of passes to his name per game, Frizell is again ahead of the other three contenders. None of the other options even have an average of one game.

Jacobson present their arguments for selection of the Rugby World Cup
Jacobson present their arguments for selection of the Rugby World Cup

Jacobson is the other player to raise his hand for having wreaked havoc on opposition teams, as evidenced by his outstanding performance against the Highlanders. Jacobson does more tricks and creates more line breaks per game than other blindside flankers. Jacobson’s ambitious attack, however, allowed him to concede the most turnarounds and commit the most manoeuvring errors per game.

The biggest disadvantage of selecting a player like Jacobson is his size. Jacobson is both shorter and lighter than the other three options: Robinson weighing 110 kg and 198 cm and Fifita weighing 111 kg and 196 cm. This is not better illustrated than in the centre piece, where Fifita, Frizell, and Robinson have all been used as true alignment options for their Super teams.

However, there is another area in which Jacobson has been more manageable than other candidates, this is the victory for his team during the general part. Jacobson imposes more penalties than the other three players combined, thanks to his dominating tackles. Perhaps Jacobson’s size and prowess mean that his position is more natural.

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