Gregan Jokes to Eddie Jones – About Rugby World Cup plans for Kazakhstan

George Gregan argues that his former Australian coach, Eddie Jones will be the character to watch at the 2019 World Cup.

The pair worked together in 2003 final, with Jones guiding a Wallabies team that featured Gregan in the scrum-half for a final they lost to England in overtime. Fans hope for their favourite teams to qualify for the 2019 RWC final match. Rugby World Cup Final Tickets can be book online from our global event ticket sales market.

16 years later, Jones is preparing England for the finals in Japan. Gregan thinks his former coach will be ready for anything, despite his team’s poor performance against Six Nations.

Gregan Jokes to Eddie Jones – about Rugby World Cup plans for Kazakhstan if they played tomorrow
Gregan Jokes to Eddie Jones – about Rugby World Cup plans for Kazakhstan if they played tomorrow

“I am closely watching Eddie Jones and his English team, especially in Six Nations and in recent years,” said Gregan.

He came to Australia and beat the Wallabies at home in 2016, a remarkable effort at the end of a long season. And they really impressed me over the last 12 to 15 months with their ability to score a lot of points. As a result, the offensive part of their team really improved thanks to Farrell and Billy Vunipola. When they are in shape, they are the great leaders of the English team.

Everyone understands what they are doing. They adapted their game, they scored a lot of points against South Africa in South Africa. There are always things to work on and Eddie Jones will work on it and that will end the games, and put the teams away.

They should have beaten the All Blacks last year and I thought they had shown an exceptional form. What he will work on is to turn these areas, make the necessary adjustments, encourage his leaders to take over and take the reins of his team.

He really encourages his leaders to lead the team, and he will have tricks in his bag. This is the kind of guy who would have planned this World Cup. Like many coaches, he will have game plans, he will have strategies, and he will work on subtle changes that no one has seen.

These are the things you add to a World Cup team that give you confidence and he’s definitely one of those meticulous planners. He still thinks about the future, has a good knowledge of all players, I often joke that he would have a game plan for Kazakhstan if they played tomorrow.

Eddie Jones comments on the English team, which demands an increase in mental toughness, especially after the 2015 hangover, are really, really important and wise advice. The only way to improve yourself is to put yourself in these positions and learn from the mistakes you made before.

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