Gerard Butler Gets To Grips With RWC Trophy 2019

During the trophy tour to Los Angeles, the Scottish actor tries to steal the World Cup trophy. The RWC 2019 trophy is now in the middle of its worldwide tour. One of the most familiar and famous trophies in the world. Those who don’t want to miss the entertainment have already bought their Rugby World Cup Tickets.

Gerard Butler Gets To Grips With RWC Trophy 2019 Tickets
Gerard Butler Gets To Grips With RWC Trophy 2019

There are some who have got a bit too close, most definitely include Hollywood actor Gerard Butler on that list. Usually, only RWC winners are allowed to touch the trophy. However, during the tour’s stop in Los Angeles, Scot Butler borrowed the trophy handler’s gloves to deliver an acceptance speech for winning the trophy.

After the speech, Butler pretended to take off behind a curtain with the trophy. Luckily, he didn’t get very far and the Webb Ellis Cup was able to tick off little LA attractions during its trip.

This was part of the 15th leg of the RWC 2019 Trophy Tour and the Webb Ellis Cup travelled to several other LA hotspots including the homes of the LA Chargers, LA Lakers, LA Galaxy, and the new LA Rams stadium improvement.

Then it was welcomed by some of the actors of Hollywood at Madame Tussauds. Morgan Freeman, Thor, Cameron Diaz and musical actors Taylor Swift and Elton John were all pictured with the trophy.

Former USA Eagles captain Todd Clever was on hand to be part of the tour as it also travelled to Emerson Middle School to inspire the next generation of rugby stars in the United States.

Clever said: “Having the Rugby World Cup here in the USA is a huge boost for us and seeing the reaction of the pupils at Emerson Middle School and all the tour stops just cements the opportunity. People want to know more get involved and start playing or even just find out where to go and watch a game.”

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