Don’t run out of beer – Japan warned by the Rugby World Cup Committee

The Rugby World Cup is scheduled to start on Friday, September 20th with the kick off of the Japan – Russia match at 11:45 GMT.

Oita Prefecture will host Wales against Fiji, New Zealand against Canada and Australia against Uruguay and the two quarter-finals, while Sapporo host Australia against Fiji and England against Tonga. Sports fanatics can book Rugby World Cup Final Tickets online to enjoy its stunning performances.

Don't run out of beer - Japan warned by the Rugby World Cup Committee
Don’t run out of beer – Japan warned by the Rugby World Cup Committee

The Scottish fans will travel to Yokohama for their first match against Ireland, then to Kobe to play the match against Samoa, then Shizuoka for the match against Russia, ending the meetings at the pool with a return to Yokohama to face Japan.

Beer is synonymous with rugby. The idea of ​​missing classes during a match is likely to make fans nervous. Cities hosting matches during the Rugby World Cup in Japan were invited to buy a lot of alcohol so they would not miss it.

More than 400,000 thirsty fans expected. Companies in the cities of Sapporo, Hokkaido, and Oita – which are expected to see the largest proportion of the expected 400,000 spectators in the country.

Japanese news agency Jiji Press said concerns have been expressed about the potential loss of lucrative business opportunities and the possibility of bad publicity in social media.

Oita Prefecture, in the south-west of the county, responded by asking major brewers to improve their supply arrangements, the Guardian reported. It is also recommended to open the bars longer to allow customers to drink after matches.

The warnings were issued in part because of the Japanese restaurants and bars that attracted customers with unlimited packages for a set number of hours. The companies offering the offers, called nomihoudai, were also invited to stock up.

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