A stringent anti scalping law has just come into Japan ahead of RWC19

A stringent new anti-scalping law came into force in Japan on Friday making the resale for the profit of tickets for sporting and other public events illegal. Fans from all over the World can book Rugby World Cup Final Tickets online.

Although in the past a number of current laws and local government ordinances were used to fight ticket scalping the new law specifically targets illegal ticket resale and has been brought in just ahead of RWC 2019.

Rugby World Cup19 Organizing Committee CEO Akira Shimazu said: We have been working on this matter in partnership with the Japanese authorities and welcome this new law that specifically targets illegal tickets of Rugby matches resale giving authorities a clear and strong framework in which to police this crime.

A stringent anti scalping law has just come into Japan ahead of RWC19
A stringent anti-scalping law has just come into Japan ahead of RWC19

 “Ticket scalpers face severe punishment while fans buying tickets through unofficial sources risk paying large sums of money for tickets that may not get them inside the stadium. It would be absolutely heart-breaking to outlay the significant time and expense to get to Japan and then to be denied stadium entry due to an issue with tickets purchased through unofficial sources.”

Rugby World Cup is one of the major global events and we are anticipating more than 400,000 fans to travel to Japan to be a part of what promises to be a very special tournament.

 “It is our priority to ensure that their experience is memorable for all the right reasons and therefore it is important that all fans planning to attend the Tournament are informed that they face a major disappointment, including being refused entry unless they purchase their tickets, hospitality, and merchandise from official outlets.”

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